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Rules of A Dog's Life!

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1 Rules of A Dog's Life! on Thu Jun 12, 2014 12:40 pm


Hullo there! My name is Mazie and I'm the creator of A Dog's Life.
Once you have joined us you should read everything here and then go to the Character Creation forum. There you can make your characters. They can be posted any way that you like whether they are all in one big thread or in separate threads, there is no rule as to how you should. There is also no administrator or moderator approval required so as soon as you post down your first character(s) you may begin to roleplay in any of the roleplaying zones that you choose. Feel free to post them as a WIP (Work In Progress) if you like but they must at least be posted within 2 weeks of being a member. However, please don't feel rushed! You may take all the time you like to finish them. Once finished, you may go back and edit their thread anytime.

Account Rules
. Each person is only allowed two accounts at the most.
. Avatars & signatures must not contain any explicit content.
. Keep signatures in moderate size so they don't stretch our boards.
. If you do not post at least one character within 2 weeks of having joined then we will be apt to delete your account. I'm sorry, but lurkers and inactive members (who do not have a stated reason for their inactivity) are not appreciated here.

Forum Rules
. Please no pornographic or illegal images or videos!
. Respect everyone as another intelligent being.
. Do not spam or harass others.
. Try not to chat-speak.
. Try to properly punctuate.
. Try to use proper grammar.
. No eye-burning font colors please.
. Don't insult religion, races or others' opinions outside of IC (In Character).
. The minimum number of sentences in an In Character post should be at least three sentences.

In Character Rules
. God-modding and power-playing is not permitted unless your roleplay partner(s) gives you permission.
. Try to keep the fantasy characters as realistic and un-fantasy as possible please. I have nothing against nekos, werewolves, etc but... this roleplay is based in a modern-day United Kingdom background and fantasy doesn't really fit in there.
. No blue, pink or other fantasy colored characters or characters with specific markings and coloration of another breed when they are purebred please! Things like this can be purchased in our shop if you'd really like them however.
. Double names are fine as long as your character is not a direct copy of somebody else's. If your character has a surname (last name) and first name of somebody else's character that is where it gets unacceptable (there can be two different characters by the name of John but not two different characters by the name of John Smith). Double names are usually fine because in real life there is more than one Fred or Gary and DD is a realistic forum.
. Liquid time is allowed but do not copy the start of one of the roleplays you already have going and start another with it. This looks unimaginative and silly.
. This is Semi Literate, which means at least three sentences per post.
. Feel free to roleplay any sort of scenario you like including friendship roleplays and adventure roleplays.
. In litters I suggest you have a maximum of four baby animals so things don't get crazy but if you feel you can handle the responsibility then be my guest and have some more.
. Cats can get pregnant generally around 6 months, but they can fall as young as 4 months. The age at which dogs begin to come into estrus varies with size and breed, however many dogs can become pregnant at just 5 months.

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